ESG 12on12

December 2022

Joanna Zakrzewska

President of ACCA Poland Panel

November 2022

Zeeshan Naeem

EV&ADAS Engineer, Sustainability advocate

October 2022

Sylwia Pałgan

Compliance & ESG Advisor

September 2022

Ewa Sowińska

Partner ESO Audit, statutory auditor with 25+ years of experience

August 2022

Hedwige Nuyens

CEO of the International Banking Federation and Chair of European Women on Boards

July 2022

Piotr Rybicki

Active supervisory board member, statutory auditor

June 2022

Michał Wnorowski

Corporate governance expert

May 2022

Anna Potocka-Domin

Head of Business and Human Rights Programme, Board Member, UN Global Compact Network Poland

April 2022

Iwona Gębusia

legal advisor, PhD, Habil.

March 2022

Mirella Panek-Owsiańska

CSR and diversity expert

February 2022

Andrzej Kubacki

Director of Equity Portfolio Management at Pekao TFI

January 2022

Olga Petelczyc

Chief Audit Executive, 30% Club Poland Ambasador

Advisory services

We help companies build value for stakeholders by supporting them in decision making and communication of those decisions.

Support in taking decisions that build value for stakeholders.
Organic versus acquisitive growth. Equity versus debt financing.
Corporate strategy and valuation.

Support in relations with shareholders.
Perception studies, Investors’ Days, quarterly presentations.
Dividend and buy-back policies. Creation and valuation of stock option programmes.

Building of financial models and valuation of companies.
Streamlining of the reporting process, creation of controlling and managerial accounting sheets.